J&A has built its corporate foundation on the solid footings of quality and innovation, providing our clients with professional and effective construction solutions.
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From this foundation, J&A strives to exceed clients’ expectations for quality workmanship, deliver streamlined project completion and develop extensive client services.

Founder Antonio Martins Sr has made quality the mainstay of this family-owned company. Since it began in 1971 J&A Concrete Corp has focused on excellence and innovation, working with construction partners to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Originally, we concentrated on cast-in-place concrete foundation projects with concrete slabs on metal deck.  Primarily focusing operations on Long Island, but since then our projects have been centered in the 5 boroughs of New York City and covering the tri-state area.  As we have expanded our geographic operating area we have expanded our services providing our clients with full-foundation packages including support-of-excavation, excavation, dewatering, pile driving and waterproofing while continuing to focus on our roots; cast-in-place concrete.

With the new millennium, we further expanded our services to include superstructure cast-in-place concrete.  We are among a handful of contractors building in New York City capable of providing this service on a cycle.

This capability allows J&A to provide its clients with a foundation and superstructure package, limiting the coordination and delays normally associated with having two separate contractors.