J&A: Committed To Quality

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Since J&A was founded in 1971, we have kept quality at as a cornerstone of our philosophy. This focus has enabled us to develop and sustain long-term relationships with our clients throughout the region. Our ability to consistently deliver quality and the assurance of conformity which meets customer and regulatory requirements has strengthened our success.

Our commitment to quality is expressed through every element of our operation, as well as in the way our teams deal with clients, as an inherent part of our day- to-day business. Our aim is to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of methods, scheduling, engineering and communication, including processes for continual improvement of our quality systems.



As members of our Quality Control Team, employee participation in quality control is sought and rewarded, including the introduction of new ideas. Through this team effort quality improvement serves as a catalyst for improved productivity. Parallel to our philosophy on health and safety, we consider that quality is the outcome of excellent systems and excellent behaviors. Therefore training in new developments in the industry is conducted and evaluated continuously.


The most efficient engineering tools including AutoCad are fully utilized and updated to maximize internal efficiency and optimize compatibility with our clients.

Our fleet of construction equipment is constantly modernized to integrate with the diverse conditions and environments we operate in. 

Other aspects of quality control include document control (including changes during the construction process), procurement, field inspection and testing, and final inspection of the product.

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