J&A Safety Team

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Our employees are our most valuable asset - and their safety and well-being is paramount. Team-work is what gets the job done - and it's what gets the job done safely. Each employee is part of our safety team, helping to identify, report, and correct issues in order to protect themselves and their teammates.

Our Health And Safety Program directly links our newest apprentice with the company President. Our in-house training modules also bring employees at every level together. We believe teamwork is the key ingredient to developing and maintaining an effective safety cuture. Cooperation between management, employees, subcontractors and clients is essential in meeting the goals of our safety program.

The following elements are essential for the success of our safety program:

  • Employee safety training
  • Engineering controls
  • Provision of safeguards to prevent work-related injuries
  • Enforcement of safety regulations and discipline
  • Daily self-inspections by employees and competent persons
  • Frequent inspections by Safety Management and Supervisors
  • Daily pre-shift meetings
  • Weekly site safety meetings
  • Weekly toolbox meetings
  • Informal as-needed toolbox training and refreshers
  • Site-to-office results communication
  • Accident reporting and investigation
  • Compliance with all federal, state and local safety requirements
  • Correction of unsafe working conditions
  • Incentive programs

The J&A Safety Department coordinates the training, development of procedures, inspection, enforcement and code compliance for our projects.

In-house training sessions, which include management and field employees, are conducted at the company headquarters. All of our employees have a required minimum of 40 hrs site safety training, among a range of training courses we conduct periodically.

Fall protection seminars have been a regular aspect of the training available to our employees on leading edge work. Daily pre-shift meetings and weekly toolbox meetings are conducted on all of our jobsites with supplemental toolbox talks conducted as necessary.

As members of professional associations we benefit from the latest training developments and opportunities. Our in-house OSHA authorized trainer plus several senior supervisors are licensed Concrete Safety Managers. This enhances our inspection regimen on all our projects, helping us meet and exceed safety requirements on projects within New York City, and the greater New York area.

The Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees and those who may be affected by our work is an integral part of our business performance. Compliance with local regulations is required and enhanced by continuous training, development of site-specific controls and enforcement of established procedures.

Our Safety Department reviews our policies, programs, and associated procedures, taking action where necessary to ensure they keep pace with changes in the nature of operations, personnel, technology, regulations, industry standards, and best practices.

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