J&A Safety Team

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Our employees are our most valuable asset and their safety and well-being is paramount. Team-work is what gets the job done and every employee is a member of the Safety Team. Membership means that any safety issue must be identified, reported and corrected so that every member protects themselves and their teammates.

Our Safety and Health Program directly connects our newest apprentice to the company President. Through our in-house training we deliberately bring employees at every level together. We believe teamwork is the key ingredient to developing and maintaining an effective safety program. Cooperation between management, employees, subcontractors and clients is essential in meeting the goals of our safety program. 


The following goals are essential for the success of our safety program:

  • Proper employee training
  • Engineering controls
  • Provision of all reasonable safeguards to prevent  work-related injuries
  • Enforcement of safety regulations and discipline
  • Daily self-inspections by employees and competent persons.
  • Frequent inspections by Safety Manager, Supervisors and Project  Manager
  • Daily pre-task briefings
  • Weekly formal safety meetings
  • Weekly toolbox meetings
  • Informal as-needed toolbox training and refreshers
  • Site to office results communication
  • Accident reporting and investigation
  • Compliance with all federal, state and local safety requirements
  • Correction of unsafe working conditions
  • Incentive programs


The J&A Safety Department coordinates the training, inspection, development of procedures, enforcement and code compliance for our projects.

Regular in-house training sessions which include management and employees are conducted at the company headquarters. All of our employees have a required minimum of 10 hrs OSHA training which is among other training courses conducted in-house periodically.

Fall protection seminars have been a regular aspect of the training available to our employees on leading edge work. Weekly formal toolbox talks are conducted on all of our jobsites with frequent supplemental toolbox talks conducted as necessary.

As members of the New York Concrete Contractors Association we have had a number of our senior supervisors trained as Concrete Safety Managers. This enhances our inspection regimen on all projects and meets or exceeds DOB requirements on our projects within the 5 NYC Boroughs.

The Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees and those who may be affected by our work is an integral part of our business performance. Compliance with local regulations is required at all times and enhanced by continuous training, development of site-specific controls and enforcement of established procedures.

Our Safety Department reviews this policy and associated procedures, taking action if necessary to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with changes in the nature of company operations and structure, procedures and best practice.

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